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Radiology Nursing

Radiology Nursing - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Radiology

The role of the radiology nurse has continued to expand with the recent trends in the health care environment. As technology advances, patients undergoing invasive procedures require competent care provided by a skilled nursing professional. Invasive interventions previously performed in the operating room are now often performed in the radiology department.

The nurse's role during these procedures is to perform accurate assessments, implement safe interventions, provide continuous monitoring and deliver patient teaching. Moreover, the nurse is responsible for managing pain control during the procedure through the administration of moderate sedation and/or non-pharmacologic pain relief methods. The nurses in radiology are competent registered nurses with a background in critical care nursing.



Radiology nursing care is provided for the following areas in the hospital setting:

A nurse is also available for CT/MRI at the Research Park setting. 

Hours of Operation 

Nurses are present in the department from:

On call coverage for interventional procedures is provided:


Are radiology nurses available during the weekend?

Nurses are available on-site Mon-Fri 7am to 11pm. On weekends, nurses are on-site from 7am to 7pm. After hours, nurses are on call to provide care for urgent situations.

Will a nurse in radiology be present during invasive procedures?

Yes. Radiology nurses have specialized training in radiological procedures and are present during invasive procedures or any case requiring moderate sedation (such as an MRI scan). However, if a patient is unstable, the ICU/ER nurse may be asked to stay and assist during the case.

Where do patients go to recover after undergoing an invasive procedure?

For those patients requiring post procedure recovery, the Prep/Recovery suite is where they will go until ready to be discharged home or to an inpatient room. The Prep/Recovery suite is comprised of 10 beds and is staffed by an all RN team. The standard operating hours are 7am to 7pm, Monday-Friday.