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Hard Copy Medical Image Requests for OR Cases

Hard Copy Medical Image Requests for OR Cases - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Radiology, Radiology Image Management



To date, all of UWHC's OR suites are set up for digitally viewing radiologic images and as such, most surgeons are utilizing digital images during their cases. However, the viewing of digital images during an OR cases is not always the optimum option. 

Time Period 

For cases scheduled on or after October 1st, 2005 


Note: The only radiologic images printed and delivered for all OR cases will be those requested using the process outlined below. This will work to ensure that the new process is truly decreasing film cost, film storage costs, staff time & travel time, etc. in addition to improving the process efficiency. 

  1. Clinic staff will complete
  2. Clinic staff deliver/fax completed form to Radiology Image Management staff by 10am at least three (3) workdays in advance of the patient's scheduled surgery. Radiology Image Management is located at F2/405, fax number (608) 263-0146
  3. Radiology Image Management staff will request any MRIs or CTs to be printed by the appropriate modality. Modalities will print hard copies of requested procedures directly to F2/405.
  4. Radiology Image Management staff will deliver requested hard copies to the appropriate OR by 6:30am the morning of the scheduled procedure.
  5. The hard copy films being created for the OR are copies that should not be returned to Radiology, but rather discarded when the care providers have finished utilizing them. Radiology can/will provide film recycling/waste bins for the clinics.