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Radiology Image Management

Radiology Image Management - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Radiology

Radiology Image Management archives, tracks and releases hard copy and digitally based medical images for internal requestors (including faculty, fellows and residents) and external requestors (other health care facilities, attorneys and insurance companies). This medical information is released primarily for the purposes of continuing medical care, teaching, research, hospital operations, payment requirements and legal review.


HIPAA, Radiology Image Management and Research Studies 

Radiology Image Management has been very actively revamping, updating and revising the way in which we support the patient care that takes place at UWHC while remembering that protecting PHI is a key focus. 

One of the areas that has recently proven to be a great opportunity to get everyone on the same page is analyzing how we release or supply radiology images for research studies. A Research Request for Radiology Images standard operating guideline has been developed to clearly define what needs to be submitted to either Information Systems or Radiology Image Management so that the release of the radiology images for said study can occur in an effective and efficient manner.


Obtaining Medical Images (Patient Authorization Required)