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PFTs is a broad umbrella term used when referring to pulmonary function testing, but too vague a term to be used when ordering lung function tests. Ordering a specific pulmonary function test, testing profile or special study insures that a physician will obtain the data he/she requires to assist in the diagnostic process.

The following pages list the individual tests, testing profiles and special studies that are performed here at the UW-Health Pulmonary Function Lab.

Individual Tests

  1. Spirometry (bronchodilators if indicated)
  2. Flow volume loop
  3. Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
  4. Lung volumes
  5. Diffusing capacity
  6. Airways resistance
  7. Impulse oscillimetry
  8. Respiratory muscle forces
  9. Pulse oximetry
  10. Arterial blood gas

Testing Profiles

  1. Routine complete profile
  2. Upper airway obstruction profile
  3. Oncology profile
  4. Pre-op non-thoracic surgery profile
  5. Pre-op thoracic surgery profile
  6. Neuromuscular disease profile

Special Studies

  1. Cardiopulmonary exercise - non-invasive or invasive
  2. Desaturation study
  3. Six minute walk
  4. Bronchoprovocation - methacholine, exercise induced, or cold air induced
  5. Nutrition analysis (indirect calorimetry)
  6. Arterial venous shunt study
  7. High Altitude Simulation Test (HAST)
  8. Ventilatory drive - hypercapnic or hypoxic
  9. Occlusion pressures - P01
  10. Transdiaphragmatic pressures
  11. Breath hydrogen analysis - lactose, fructose or sucrose
  12. Infant pulmonary function testing (in conjunction with Sedation Clinic)