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Responsibilities, Authority and Delegation of Purchasing Privileges

Responsibilities, Authority and Delegation of Purchasing Privileges - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Procurement Services


The UWHC Procurement Services department is authorized by the Board of Directors, via the President and CEO and the Chief Operating Officer, to act as an agent of the Hospitals and Clinics in procurement matters.


The UWHC Procurement Services department is committed to serving the best interests of the Hospital by demonstrating effective financial stewardship and responsive customer service. Procurement Services department is responsible for providing value added service through bidding, contracting, negotiation and procurement of all supplies, equipment and services required to fulfill the Hospital's mission of advancing health without compromise.


Procurement Services will seek to obtain all supplies, equipment and services at the best value and lowest total cost through a variety of procurement methods. In addition, Procurement Services will have the flexibility and discretion of using whichever purchasing method it deems most appropriate. These include, but are not limited to: use of existing contracts, competitive bids, requests for proposals, group purchasing, and negotiated contracts. In addition, in cases where uniqueness, acceptability, patent, intrinsic value or other factors make an intended acquisition available from only one known supplier, the Procurement Services Department has the discretion to enter into sole source negotiations with the supplier. Procedural guidelines related to these methods are outlined in UWHC Administrative Policy Procurement Services. 

It is the responsibility of Procurement Services to assure that all transactions are conducted within the UWHC Code of Ethics and UWHC Code of Conduct, acceptable business practices and applicable laws and regulations. 


Procurement Services is authorized to commit Authority funds by issuing of a purchase order upon receipt of an approved purchase request. The responsibility for assuring availability of funds and for justifying the need for the purchase is vested within the individual Authority departments. 

Procurement Services is authorized to review and sign contracts under the limits set forth in UWHC Administrative Policy Legal Affairs. 

Procurement Services is authorized to create and approve purchase orders in accordance with UWHC Administrative Policy Procurement Services. 

Delegation of Purchasing Privileges to Specific Departments

The Clinical Lab, Culinary Services, Home Care Services, Central Services, Pharmacy and Plant Engineering have been delegated the authority to use the PeopleSoft purchasing system to issue requisitions and purchase orders for supplies under contract in accordance with the parameters outlined in UWHC Administrative Policy Procurement Services. 

This delegation does not pertain to executing/signing contracts, blanket (standing) purchase orders, or consignment agreements/purchase orders.