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The UWHC Procurement Services department is authorized by the Board of Directors, via the President and CEO and the Chief Operating Officer, to act as an agent of the Hospitals and Clinics in procurement matters under the direction of the Vice President of Facilities and Support Services.



The UWHC Procurement Services department is committed to serving the best interests of the Hospital by demonstrating effective financial stewardship and responsive customer service. Procurement Services is responsible for providing value added service through bidding, contracting, negotiation and procurement of all supplies, equipment and services required to fulfill the Hospital's mission of advancing health without compromise. 

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How are lab coats ordered?

 Lab coats for Residents and Fellows can be purchased through Top Promotions using an online ordering website.

How can I check the status of my purchase request?

For operating expenses, use REQ STATUS LOOKUP in PeopleSoft. For capital expenses, check the Strata system first. If approval is complete, use REQ STATUS LOOKUP in PeopleSoft. If you have questions, please contact Procurement Services at (608) 203-4640 or email us at procurementservices@uwhealth.org.

How do I obtain a departmental purchasing (credit) card?

Review policy 11.30 to familiarize yourself with obtaining and using a card. Then complete the  and submit to the Procurement Services department.

How do I order business cards? (UWHC)

See the Procurement Services department Business Cards page for information on how to order business cards.

How does my department access SmartWorks to order forms?

To obtain access to SmartWorks, the supervisor of the person who will do the ordering should contact the Purchasing department by email at procurementservices@uwhealth.org. Please include the name of the person to be granted access, the department or departments for which a person is to have access, the location and the accessing persons' telephone number(s).

Procurement Services will arrange with Standard Register for access to be granted. Standard Register will contact the person with username and password information. Standard Register will also provide training and support to enable the person to navigate the site.

How long does it typically take to process a PO (purchase order)?

That depends on the complexity of the order. Purchase orders are usually processed within a few days. However, if the request requires a bid/contract, it may take a few weeks to months. 

I only have the requisition number. How can I find out if a purchase order has been issued?

Use "Req Status Lookup" in the PeopleSoft system.

Is there a way to expedite a rush PO (purchase order)?

Yes. Call or email UWHC Procurement Services at (608) 203-4640 or procurementservices@uwhealth.org.

What department issues checks to pay vendors?

Accounts Payable issues the checks. The Procurement Services department does not issue checks or process invoices for payment.

What information do I need to have on hand when inquiring about a purchase order?

If you have the purchase order number, that's the most efficient piece of information (e.g. GP10392851). If not, then provide the requisition number, the date you sent the request, your cost center (department) number and the vendor name. The more information you have, the better!

Where do I find the expense account number to use on the electronic requisition?

To find an expense account number, refer to the .

The Procurement Services department cannot choose this number for you because it affects your budget. 

If you do not know which department number to use, also refer to the .

Who do I contact about ordering furniture?

To order furniture, please contact the Planning Design and Construction department. They will assist in specifying furniture and submitting the electronic request to purchasing. 

If furniture needs repair or service, please contact Facilities and Engineering Services.

Will Procurement Services negotiate contract price and terms on my behalf?

Yes! That is what we are here for. Feel free to work with the Procurement Services staff member assigned to your service line or call (608) 203-4640.

When do I need to complete a sole source form?

In cases where uniqueness, acceptability, patent, intrinsic value or other factors make an intended acquisition available from only one known supplier, a Sole Source Request form must be completed by the requester.


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