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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Payroll


Can I badge in or out by using the phone?

UWHC employees can call (608) 265-6500 and follow the prompts to badge in or out. You should speak with your manager to confirm your department allows staff to use the TimeCall system for recording your time.

Can I view my paycheck online?

UWHC and UWMF employees can access their pay information online via Employee Self-Service or from home via uwhealth.org/homeaccess. For your security, always remember to log out after viewing your e-Advice or completing any self-service transaction. 

If you have any questions, contact Payroll at UWHCPayroll@uwhealth.org or (608) 262-4559.

Can UWHC employees set up direct deposit at more than one bank?

Yes. When you fill out the Direct Deposit form, make sure you use the additional Financial Institution sections to declare the additional accounts to which you want to make a direct deposit.

How can I change my home address in U-Connect?

Logged into Employee Self Service. You can modify any of your personal information from this page. Any changes made will be immediately updated.

How can I change my paycheck withholdings/allowances?

Fill out the following form: W-4 (Employee Withholding) 

Return the completed W-4 form to:

UWHC Payroll
7974 UW Health Court
Middleton, WI 53562


Interdepartmental Mail Drop #1020


Use the Payroll drop box, located at F5/1 at UW Hospital (right outside the mailroom)


Payroll fax number (608) 262-0399

How can I find out more about pay differential?

The best way for you to find out about pay different information is to contact Payroll at (608) 262-4559 or UW Health Human Resources at (608) 263-6500. This is because we need to reference your employee information in order to provide you with the correct pay differential information.

How do I get errors on my time-sheet corrected?

For errors in the current pay period you can submit Requests in MyTime to have the error corrected. For previous pay periods please contact your supervisor or timekeeper to have a correction submitted to Payroll.

How do I get a copy of my W-2?

If you signed up to receive your W-2 electronically go to www.w2copy.com  to view or print the past 3 years at no charge.

 If you received a paper W-2 to your mailing address please call (608) 262-4559 to request a copy at no charge.

How do I increase (or decrease) the amount of money being deposited directly into my bank account from my paycheck?

Print and complete the UWHC Direct Deposit Form listing all active direct deposit accounts, making the necessary changes to the dollar amounts you wish desired into each account(s). Once completed, signed and dated, please either scan and email it back to Payroll at uwhcpayroll@uwhealth.org or fax it to Payroll at (608) 262-0399. 

How do I know how many allowances to claim on my W-4 form?

Use the following guidelines to determine the allowances you may claim and enter the totals in block 2 (in section 2 for Federal allowances and in section 3 for State of WI allowances;  please note that you do not need to claim the same allowances for Federal and State) of the UWHC W-4 form.

If you claim “exempt” from federal or state withholding in block 4, you must leave block 2 and block 3 in that section blank.  A worksheet is provided on the back of the UWHC form W-4 to help figure your allowances (please note that this worksheet will provide the maximum number of allowances you could claim but depending on your situation you may want or need to claim less).

In general, you may claim one allowance for each of the following:

If you expect to itemize deductions or to claim adjustments to your income such as child care on your tax return, a worksheet is provided on the back of the UWHC form W-4 to help you the number of withholding allowances you are entitled to claim (again, please note that this worksheet will provide the maximum number of allowances you could claim but depending on your situation you may want or need to claim less).

For more specific and detailed information on Tax Withholding, please see publication 505 on IRS.gov.   You can also reference the Tax Withholding section on the IRS website or use the IRS withholding calculator to help you complete your Form W-4.  It is also recommended you contact a Tax Specialist to discuss your individual situation.



How do I know whether I can claim exempt status on my W-4 form?

You can claim exemption from withholding for 2014 only if both of the following situations apply:

If you are a student, you are not automatically exempt.  If you work only part-time or you only work during the summer, you may qualify for exemption from withholding.

For more specific and detailed information on Exemption from Withholding (including a chart to aid in the decision), please see page 11 of publication 505 on IRS.gov.  You can also reference the Tax Withholding section on the IRS website or use the IRS withholding calculator to help you complete your Form W-4.



How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

Fill out the following authorization form: 

Remember to attach a voided check, and return the form to:

UWHC Payroll
7974 UW Health Court
Middleton, WI 53562


Interdepartmental Mail Drop #1020


Fax to (608) 262-0399

How long does it take for direct deposit to take effect?

Upon submission of your direct deposit form and voided check, it will take at least one pay period (one paycheck) for the direct deposit to take effect.

Once the direct deposit is activated, your E-Advice Statement will be available through Employee Self Service. Employees can access their pay information online via Employee Self-Service or from home via uwhealth.org/homeaccess.

How often and when do I receive a paycheck? 

UWHC employees are paid on a biweekly basis. For specific dates, please refer to the 

How will I receive my W-2?

To receive an Electronic W-2 follow the instructions (available on the Payroll page each fall) to sign up for this feature each year.

If you don’t sign up for the Electronic W-2 a paper W-2 will be sent via USPS to the Mailing Address listed on your Employee Self-Service page.

How is vacation cashout paid and taxed?

Vacation cashout (vacation hours converted into income) is added to and taxed as part of a regular bi-weekly paycheck. The addition of this income to a regular paycheck could put an employee in a different tax bracket for that pay period depending on the amount of additional income and the individual’s tax situation.

What are the hospitals legal holidays?

UW Health recognizes 8 legal holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day.

If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday it will be considered a floating holiday and may be taken any time, with department manager approval.

What benefit time can I use during my Leave of Absence and why is there earned and unearned vacation listed when we get all vacation in January? Who will post my benefit time to my time-sheet?

Please contact Payroll at (608) 262-4559 so that we can reference your employee information and review your Request for Leave of Absence form to most appropriately answer any/all questions regarding your benefit time and pay during your leave of absence.

What is the difference in earned and unearned time on the Leave of Absence Request form?

UWHC gives each employee an allocation of vacation and legal holiday in January based on the employee being in pay status at their assigned FTE all year. A portion of that vacation allocation is earned each pay period. Holidays are earned in the pay period that they fall into. The employee’s payroll check statement reflects the “earned” portions of both vacation and legal holiday in the “current balance” column. If you have questions/concerns about filling out your Leave of Absence Request form Payroll Instructions call Payroll at (608) 263-4559.  

What should I do if I have Direct Deposit, but I’m planning to close or change my bank account?

It is very important to notify Payroll of a stop or change to your direct deposit information prior to an account being closed or changed. The most effective way to submit a stop or change is by faxing your new Direct Deposit form to (608) 262-0399. You may receive one check through postal mail after the change has been submitted so that the new account numbers can be verified. Call Payroll at (608) 262-4559 with questions. 

What specific deductions are taken from each paycheck?

Some deductions are taken from every biweekly payroll check, such as state and federal taxes. Other deductions, such as health insurance and State Group Life, are split between your “A” and “B” payroll checks.  For a full listing of deductions, please refer to Deductions From Your Paycheck.

When a new employee begins, how do they acquire their first check before their direct deposit begins?

The first payroll check is sent to your home address (you can update your home address using ESS) via the U.S. Postal Service.  

When will I receive my W-2?

Electronic or paper W-2 forms for UWHC employees will be issued on or by January 31.  If you have additional questions, please contact UWHC Payroll main line at (608) 262-4559.

Where can I find more information or help with my timecard, hours reporting, and benefits?

For benefit information, visit the UW Health Benefits page or review your own personal benefits in Employee Self Service.

Where can I get Verification of Employment?

We have partnered with Equifax and The Work Number to handle all Verification of Employment, Verification of Income and Social Services Verification requests. Please direct your inquiry to The Work Number at 1-800-367-5690 or www.theworknumber.com. When prompted, use the UW Health's Employer Code of 18565.

Where can I find my Vacation Accrual Date and Hospital Service Date?

Log into Employee Self Service, Personal Information then Employment Service Dates.