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The UW Health Paging and Messaging Center consists of a team of 31 service representatives and is the communication hub for the hospital and outlying clinics, providing switchboard and paging services for patients and employees. Responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide internal messaging and paging services
  • Manage 60,000 – 65,000 calls monthly
  • Administer more than 500 on call schedules
  • Serve as the patient and clinic contact during off business, weekend and holiday hours
  • First point of contact for new and existing patients, referring physicians, vendors and the public
  • The hospital’s emergency line (2-0000) activating codes (blue cart, rapid response, active shooter, etc.)

Utilizing cutting edge technology and proprietary software programs, the department is staffed 24/7 answering calls for more than 100 clinics. Additionally, nearly 20,000 pages are sent through the Paging and Messaging Center and via Web Paging each day.


Hand holding a pagerThe Paging and Messaging Department provides many paging options and services for all of UW Health. Select the proper navigation to review some of the resources available to you.

Recycle symbol To recycle broken or unused pagers, please send them to mail code 9750, Attn: Pager Recycle.‌‌


Do I need to know how to log into Web paging?

Depending on what you would like to do, it may be necessary.  A login id is not required for general use but if you perform edit functions, such as entering on call schedules or change your pageable device preference you will need to log in.

How do I change my pager status?

You have multiple options:

  1. By phone: Call 265-7001 and follow the prompts to change your status. Enter your password if prompted.
  2. Use Web Paging(commonly referred to as U-Connect Paging).
    1. Use the search feature to locate by name, Pager ID, etc.
    2. Select “Change Paging Status” and select preference from drop down list.

      Screenshot of changing pager status
  3. Call the Paging and Messaging Department at 262-2122 and request a status change.

How do I change my personal information (i.e. name, department, location, etc.) in the Web Paging application?

Please contact the Paging and Messaging department to make changes to your profile.

How do I find someone in Web Paging?

There are multiple search options available. Using the Basic Search feature, it’s possible to search by name, Pager ID or telephone extension. Within the Advanced Search option you have the ability to search by multiple criteria simultaneously including Department. See Quick Guides for detailed information.

How do I get a pager and where can I get a new pager clip?

The best way to get a pager and/or pager clips is to order them online with the Pager Request Form (UWHC)

If you have questions regarding the form please call Paging at (608) 262-2122.

How do I page someone?

You have multiple options:

  1. Use Web Paging (commonly referred to as UConnect Paging). Use the search feature to locate by name, Pager ID, etc. or use the Quick Page feature if the Pager ID is known.
  2. By phone: Call (608) 265-7000 and follow the prompts to enter the Pager ID and call back number.
  3. Send an email to page message.
  4. Call the Paging and Messaging Department at (608) 262-2122 and request a page to be sent.
  5. If you are a Secure Text Messaging subscriber you can use the “Client Lookup” feature to send a message directly from your smart device 

If I drive out of range or my pager loses power will my messages be delivered once I’m back in range or I replace my battery?

No. There is no store-and-forward capability or retry function if a pager is out of range, malfunctioning or is turned off. If your pager is unable to receive messages the messages are lost.

What if I forget my password?

Call Paging and Messaging at (608) 262-2122.

What is the difference between a standard local (i.e. Hospital) text pager and a long range pager?

The local text pagers have a range of approximately 20 miles, whereas the long range pagers cover most of Wisconsin with limited coverage to northern Illinois, including Chicago (coverage map). A typical short range message takes approximately 8 seconds from the time the message is sent to the time it’s received by the pager. Due to the differences in how the messages are transmitted, long range pagers can take up to a minute for the same message to be received. Pricing differences can be found on the Pager Request Form (UWHC).

What is the difference between alpha and numeric pagers?

Numeric pagers only allow for numbers to be received in the messages. This type of pager has been discontinued and is no longer offered as an option. Alpha pagers (i.e. text pagers) allow you to enter a short text message, including numeric values, within the page and can be accomplished via Web Paging or by calling the Paging Center at (608) 262-2122.

Will my pager alert me when I drive out of range?

No. It does not have GPS-like capabilities.


Pager Request Form (UWHC)

On Call Change Request Form (UWHC)