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Post Mortem Care

Post Mortem Care - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Legal Services, Guidance Documents, Summary of Policies Concerning Death in UWHC Facilities


Nursing staff carry out post mortem care. UWHC Policy 4.21(V)(B)(2). See UWHC Nursing Policy #8.14 [Post mortem care] for steps. 

No tubes can be removed from the body if an autopsy is authorized. UWHC Policy 4.21 (V)(B)(5) 

6.2 Nursing units will maintain a supply of laminated signs with a butterfly image.  After a patient has expired, unit staff will place the butterfly sign on the door frame.  This serves to communicate to other staff that the patient has expired and will avoid unnecessary entry into the room. UWHC Nursing Policy #14.15 (II)(A)