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Death or Imminent Death - Notify OTD

Death or Imminent Death - Notify OTD - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Legal Services, Guidance Documents, Summary of Policies Concerning Death in UWHC Facilities


When a patient's clinical status is consistent with the definition of imminent death (see below) OR when a patient dies and a prior report of imminent death has not been made to the OTD, the nurse caring for the patient is responsible for contacting the UW Organ Procurement Organization (OTD) at 1-866-UWHC-OTD (1-866-894-2676) and notify the attending physician. UWHC Policy 4.21 (V)(B)(1). 

1.2 The OTD handles requests for donation. In cases where donation is authorized, the donation protocols should be followed. 

1.3 "Imminent death" is defined as a mechanically ventilated patient with a severe brain injury whom a physician is evaluating for brain death or has a Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) of 5 or less or for whom a physician has ordered that life-sustaining therapies be withdrawn. Such criteria are referred to as the "clinical triggers" for organ donation. UWHC Policy #4.31 (III)(A)