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Laboratory Services - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics

From the emergency room to the outpatient clinics, patients throughout UW Health depend on members of the Laboratory Services department to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment information.

Mission and Vision: UW Health Laboratory Services provides accurate and timely results while contributing to our patient and family centered care, research, and educational missions.



Highly trained phlebotomy staff members practice safe and effective specimen collection from adults and even the smallest of children. After blood collection, medical technologists administer on-site testing 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Faculty pathologists with specialties in hematopathology, renal pathology, cytopathology and neuropathology examine specimens removed by surgery or biopsy.

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How do I contact a specific department or manager in the Clinical Laboratories?

You can find contact information in the .

How do I contact Pathology and Laboratory Medicine faculty physicians and scientists?

Contact information for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine faculty physicians and scientists is located in several places.

How do I find out what specimen to collect?

The primary source for finding out what specimen to collect is the Laboratory Test Directory. For each test, detailed information will be provided including: specimen, collection container and volume requirements. Additional information can be found under Specimen Collection, Container Types and Processing (UWHC).

What is an add-on test and how is it done?

An add-on is a request for additional testing on a specimen that has previously been submitted to the clinical laboratories. The ability to “add-on” an additional test to a specimen depends on several factors including: specimen type, collection container, stability of specimen, volume of specimen required for testing and volume of specimen remaining. Details can be found by using the Laboratory Test Directory.

To place an add-on for an in-patient: Select Orders for a patient, enter a test. Under frequency select the add-on button. Answer any questions that appear. Once an add-on order is placed it will be reviewed by laboratory staff. If there is a problem with an add-on we will follow the instructions given in the questions section.

To place an add-on for an out-patient: Select Order Entry for a patient, place an order for a test. In the class area select the add-on button. Once an add-on order is placed it will be reviewed by laboratory staff. If there is a problem with an add-on we will contact the requesting person or send an in-basket message through Health Link.


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