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Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation Services - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Heart and Vascular Care (HVC), Preventive Cardiology Clinic


For more than 20 years, UWHC's inpatient and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs have been helping patients with heart disease recover and return to active, productive lives following heart attacks and bypass surgery. 

Services include:

Cardiac rehabilitation begins in the hospital after a heart attack, heart surgery, lung or heart transplant, or other heart treatment. Here, staff will help patients lay the foundation for lifestyle changes. 

Rehabilitation specialists will:

To tailor the goals of the patient's rehabilitation program, a clinical exercise physiologist will look at overall health, heart condition and risk for future heart problems, as well as the patient's preferences, and will then develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. 

Upon discharge, the program refers patients to a cardiac rehabilitation program near their hometown, if such a program is available. Additionally, during the recovery period, patients continue visiting the outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program. 

What  are the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation? 

Cardiac rehabilitation helps patients inside and out. As the heart recovers, patients will:

Exercise Training

During participation in these exercise sessions, whether at one of our facilities or at your home, patients continue to visit the outpatient rehabilitation clinic occasionally for follow-up. 

Education and Counseling