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Standard Charge Code Request

Standard Charge Code Request - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Finance


Completing the Charge Code Request Form

All new charge code request forms will be handled through Help Desk Self-Service Ticket. Using Help Desk Self-Service Tickets has allowed for better organization of the request form and has improved the format to be more user-friendly. 

There are two types of charge code requests available in Help Desk Self-Service, "Charge Code Request - Procedure Only" and "Charge Code Request - Supply Only". 

The procedure only form should be completed for any new procedures done in your department. It includes information regarding the staff time, supplies and equipment that will be used during the procedure. In contrast, the supply only request form is abbreviated to only include information regarding the supply for which you need a charge code. 

For both forms, you also have the ability to make notes to the Chargemaster team if there is anything that you would like noted when completing your request. 

Submit a Help Desk Self-Service Ticket 

From this screen log-in and select "Enter New Ticket". Under type of ticket, please select either Charge Code Request - Procedure Only or Charge Code Request - Supply Only.