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WARP Definitions

WARP Definitions - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Facilities and Engineering Services, Warehouse And Recycling Place (WARP)


3rd World Donation: Primarily medical supplies that have expired shelf life. These supplies will be held until arrangements can be made with an organization willing to deliver supplies. These donations will be accounted for and receipts received for all supplies. These supplies will not be inventoried or stored for more than 30 days.

Attic Stock: Material leftover from construction, remodel or repair. This material, if deemed important, will be stored to use at a later time. We will store equipment if it cannot be replaced because the item has discontinued or if it is a high-use item that can be used in the future. Material will be given an F&E stock number and listed in the WAM Bin Catalog. Inventory will be taken and stored in a bin location in the warehouse. When material is used, it will be charged out to a work order and inventory reduced. Attic Stock is not reordered when inventory reaches zero.

Christmas Storage: Storage of all Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations are given an F&E catalog number and entered into the BIN system for quantity and Bin Location.  Christmas decorations are the same as long term storage and rates below apply.  Pickup and delivery charges will apply to all Christmas storage.  Department owning decorations will be charged a storage rate based on rate table below.

Disaster Supplies:  Supplies stored per senior management and the Infection Control Committee (ICC). The supplies are gowns and thermals from MUHL and Medical supplies from Central Services from UWHC. All disaster supply pallets are given an F&E stock number and inventoried in the BIN Catalog and stored with bin locations at WARP. Inventory of each pallet are kept by both MUHL for MUHL pallets and Central Services for Central Service pallets. Rotation of supplies is the responsibility of MUHL and Central Services personnel; WARP only stores the pallets.

Long Term Storage: Items that have been received at WARP to be stored for a period longer than 30 days. Items will be given an F&E catalog number, inventoried and assigned a bin location in the warehouse. When material is received for long term storage, a determination of size requirements will be assessed and storage charges will be assessed as of day one. 

Overstock: Fast-moving items that are used in the BIN system for UWHC. An example would be keyboard trays that take up a large amount of storage area, space that is not available at the CSC. These types of items are stored with only one pallet at WARP to assure we do not run out of stock in the bin system. Stock for the bin system is pulled from the warehouse and the warehouse stock is replenished.

Project Storage: Equipment and materials that are being stored for 30 days or less. This material is stored free of charge to allow for demolition or removal of existing equipment or material from a work place. WARP will not add these items to the F&E catalog, but will store in an area under the project number. If material and equipment are to be stored for a longer period of time, charges can be assessed to the project at the determination of the director of Facilities and Engineering. If charges are to be made, the charges will be charged to the project number.

Surplus: Material, equipment or furniture turned into WARP that is no longer needed or wanted by the department. All surplus items will be evaluated by WARP personnel to determine the best use of item. Item(s) can be turned over to UW Swap for sale, sold on the UW Swap website, reissued to another department, donated or properly disposed. All surplus items become the property of WARP once received. There is no charge for pickup or delivery to WARP for surplus items. WARP personnel will assure that if equipment has an F&E asset number, the asset will be retired.

Temporary Storage: Keeping a small amount of items for less than 30 days. There is no charge for items being stored for 30 days or less. Items will not be given an F&E catalog number, but will be stored under contact name, telephone number and department number. After 30 days, the contact will be notified, and the contact will make the decision to switch to Long Term Storage (note: the department will be charged for storage from the first day the items are received); or, at the owner's request, be switched to surplus and become the property of WARP. All items sent to WARP as temporary storage will be charged a pickup and delivery fee.

Workspace/Techline: Workspace/Techline furniture will not be accepted or stored at WARP. Workplace/Techline has its own warehouse facility for storing and reusing surplus Techline furniture. Every effort will be given to assure the reuse of stored Techline furniture and office workspace. An F&E work order must be entered for Techline pickup, and a delivery charge will be assessed in pickup of Techline furniture. F&E and Planning Design and Construction personnel will contact Techline for availability of Techline furniture as needed by UWHC department projects and remodels.