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How To Send Material and Supplies to WARP

How To Send Material and Supplies to WARP - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Facilities and Engineering Services, Warehouse And Recycling Place (WARP)


If material is to be stored at WARP, a Facilities and Engineering (F&E) work order must be entered to have material picked up. This work order will supply us with the funding string that will be used for charges if material or supplies are to be stored. A task will be added to the existing work order for storage charges based on the size of material or equipment being stored.

An F&E Form 10 must be included with as much information that can be given filled out. In order for WARP to store items, we must know exactly what it is, as well as the estimated worth of that item(s). If the item(s) being sent to WARP is surplus (see definitions), the surplus item(s) will be evaluated by WARP personnel, who will determine the most effective options of storing, selling, donating or disposal.

WARP personnel will assure that if equipment is turned in and has an F&E asset number, the asset will be retired; if the equipment has a capital asset ID, the asset will be removed from the capital asset inventory kept by UWHC fiscal department. There is no charge for surplus picked up and transported to WARP.