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Materials Collection Policy

Materials Collection Policy - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Facilities and Engineering Services, Warehouse And Recycling Place (WARP)


WARP collects all surplus equipment from UWHC, AFCH, The American Center and all outlying clinics. WARP will not collect items that are of a hazardous nature or determined unsafe to handle.

If WARP collects items that require a recycling fee, the department's pickup work order will include a disposal fee.

WARP reserves the right to refuse any pickup of item(s) not accompanied by an F&E Form 10.

All equipment and supplies turned in by departments that are no longer needed or wanted will be evaluated by WARP personnel and either be stored, sold on UW SWAP auction site, sent to UW SWAP, donated or properly disposed of.

Item that can be sent to UW SWAP:

Items that cannot be sent to UW SWAP: