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Moving Info Checklist

Moving Info Checklist - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Facilities and Engineering Services, Moving


Transportation/Labor Department Moving Guide 

So you are moving. The following is guide to help you make your move as quick and painless as possible. We are here to assist you as much as possible. Working together will ensure that you are moved quickly and efficiently. 

___ 1. Use the Plant Engineering Service Request form

a. List when you want the move done, including date, time, room or rooms which you would like moved.

b. Be specific about where items are going; if going to surplus, please tag as such; if going to storage, please tag as such. If moving to another room, please tag with room number. Please note: Your department will be charged for the square footage of items stored at the warehouse.

c. Please put your name on the service request, so we know who to contact for questions.    

___ 2. Do you want us to come up and look at the rooms or rooms prior to the move? Just call us and we will be more than willing to do so. 

___ 3. Is there anything that has to be taken apart, removed from the walls, broken down into components or other activity which might require a carpenter or electrician? If so, please note that on the request so we can arrange to have them available at the time of the move or prior to the move if necessary. 

___ 4. Computers? Do they need to be shut down and removed? If so you should contact Information Systems (3-2060) as soon as possible to find out what they would like to arrange. If nothing special needs to be done with your systems, we will disconnect them and move them. Beware!! You may lose valuable data if we do it. 

___ 5. Please empty desks, book shelves and other items which contain materials which will be damaged if tipped or turned over. File cabinets can be left full if they lock or close tightly on their own. We can move files full except for lateral files. Lateral files must be emptied because they won't go through doors unless tipped on their sides. 

___ 6. Remove pictures from walls. Remove all personal items such as shoes, purses, coats, coffee mugs and other items which you do not want to lose track of during the move. 

___ 7. Secure sensitive and patient-related information. If your area handles sensitive materials (patient lists, medical records, etc.), secure the sensitive materials in covered boxes to retain patient confidentiality during the move. 

___ 8. Inform your staff that you or they are moving. Please don't take for granted that they know what is going on. Let them know when we are coming and what they need to do. They can call us if they have any questions or special needs. 

Hopefully these instructions will help you with your move. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. My staff and I are here to be as helpful as possible.

Susan Strandlie
Customer Service Manager