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Emergency Department Registration

Emergency Department Registration - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics

The Emergency Department Coordinators (EDCs) are the center of a fast-paced department. They are a team of just over 20 people that cover the Emergency Department 24 hours each day. They not only register patients that visit our Emergency Department, they also answer phone calls, page Doctors and admit patients. From 9:15pm to 7am the EDCs also take over the Bed Control function from Admissions. The EDCs perform an ever-expanding list of tasks and perform them under tight time constraints.


A patient has questions regarding their insurance. How can I let Admissions know that they would like a call?

Call (608) 263-8770 to let Admissions know the patient would like to receive a call regarding their insurance.

Can patients get their parking passes at the Information Desk?

UW Hospital provides one free parking pass per inpatient. Passes can
be obtained and renewed in the Admissions Department, located at E5/213, behind the UW Hospital Information Desk near the Gift Shop. 

How does a patient connect with Registration?

There are several different ways that patients can register. They can be transferred to Registration at the time appointment of scheduling. Registration staff also calls patients to pre-register them prior to an appointment. Or the patient can register when they arrive for their appointment either in Registration or via a clinic courtesy phone.

What are the hours of operation for Registration?

Registration is open at all locations from 7am to 5pm. After hours registration services are available at University Station Clinic weekdays until 8:30pm, and weekends between 7am and 3pm. To reach registration, please call 262-1400.

Who do I call with questions about the uninsured?

Call the Community Care Coordinator at (608) 265-0145.

Who do patients call if they have questions about their bill?

Call Patient Business Services Customer Service at (608) 262-2221 for questions about their UWHC bill. Call UW Health Physicians Customer Service at (608) 829-5217 for questions about their UWMF bill.

Who do patients call with insurance or prior authorization questions regarding their upcoming hospitalization?

Call the Admissions Receptionist at (608) 263-8770.


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