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From the wide array of menu selections available in the Four Lakes Café to the coffee, snacks and other foods served in the Food Court, Coffee Corner, Atrium and vending areas, the Culinary Services Department feeds important needs for employees, patients and guests of UWHC. 

Our catering menu also offers customized menus to fit your food-ordering needs, and our Room Service Dining is an innovative program that allows patients to select meals from an expansive restaurant style menu as well as determine their own mealtimes throughout the day.


We are committed to partnering with farmers and producers to bring local and seasonal produce and artisan products to UW Health. Our menus focus on whole, minimally processed foods using exceptional ingredients. We use pricing strategies and menu engineering to promote healthy, affordable choices. Spending our dollars locally ensures that we participate in promoting economic growth and sustainability within the community. At UW Health, our dedicated chefs, culinary staff and registered dietitians are passionate about offering nutritious, delicious cuisine to support good health and healing for our patients, families and guests.

Our highly qualified and diverse workforce is committed to exemplary care and consideration of customers, delivering quality, healthy food with pride and a congenial attitude.

Our collaborations with our UW Health partners support the nutritional needs of our healthcare community.


Are there maps or directions for AFCH families to find the cafeteria and Mendota Market? 

 Please send people to the AFCH Guest Depot or the AFCH Security Office to pick up a map and get directions to the cafeteria and other UWHC locations. The Guest Depot hours are 7am-8pm Monday-Friday and 7am-3pm on weekends. The AFCH Security Office, across from the main elevators, is available 24 hours a day.


Does the UW Hospital cafeteria accept debit or credit cards, or checks? Or can you only pay with cash or Cashless Convenience?

All hospital Culinary Services locations (Four Lakes Cafe, Mendota Market, Coffee Corner, Java Coast West, and Atrium) accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. 

Payroll deduction ("Cashless Convenience") is also available to all employees, but sign-up is required.

Checks are accepted, but not preferred. Each check must be approved by a Culinary Services supervisor prior to checkout. If you plan to pay with a check, please be sure to include your full name, phone number and current address on the check itself. This may slow down your checkout time but we are happy to accommodate you in any way possible. 

If you have additional Culinary Services questions, you may contact Culinary Services directly by calling (608) 263-8230.

Does the UW Hospital cafeteria offer gift certificates for purchase?

Departments can also buy customized coupons or convenience cards by placing a ServiceNow ticket under the Culinary Services tab. If you have questions regarding this process contact Ricardo Crespo at (608) 263-8231.

How do I sign up for Cashless Convenience?

UW Hospital's Cashless Convenience program allows you to purchase items at hospital food service locations and gift shops by using your employee identification badge. By enrolling in the program, you can avoid having to tote around your wallet or purse when you want a meal or snack, or to buy a gift at hospital locations. How do I sign up?

How do I stop Cashless Convenience?

To cancel/unenroll from Cashless Convenience, please send an email to uwhcpayroll@uwhealth.org stating that you would like to terminate your Cashless Convenience. Please include your full name and your employee ID in the email. The system updates once every night, so it may take 1-2 business days to process your request and have your badge become deactivated. If you wish to re-enroll, simply resubmit a payroll deduction authorization form.

I have a problem with a vending machine, who should I contact?

All UW Health vending machines are maintained by Canteen, rather than Culinary Services. If you are experiencing an issue of any kind with a machine or have questions please contact Scott Keyes at scott.keyes@compass-usa.com.

I signed up for Cashless Convenience and my badge is not working. What do I do?

Please allow up to three days for Payroll to activate your Cashless Convenience.

At this point in time only UWHC employees are eligible for Cashless Convenience. If you were recently on a Leave of Absence, please make sure your Return of Leave Notice form has been submitted to the Leave Coordinator by your Supervisor. If so, you can have your Supervisor reach out to the Leave Coordinator to inquire the status of that paperwork. Also, make sure that you are using your most recent ID badge. Each badge is unique and only the most recent badge will work.

If you recently received a new badge, you will need to wait until the following morning for the system to update and for your new badge to work. The system automatically updates every night.

If it is still not working, please call Payroll at (608) 262-4559..

Is there a way to find out how much money I have spent using Cashless Convenience?

You can request a summary of charges twice within a year’s time. This can be done by submitting a ServiceNow ticket under the Culinary Services tab.


Cashless Convenience Payroll Authorization Form (UWHC)

Cashless Convenience Payroll Authorization Form (UWMF)

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