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The Coordinated Care Resource Center supports the Coordinated Care department by reallocating time-consuming case management and discharge planning functions to a central support area. RC staff will arrange post acute referrals/resources and provide clinical updates to payers to obtain authorization for length of stay and appropriate level of care. In addition, the Resource Center provides administrative/secretarial support and performs data/outcomes analysis. Roles include payer specialist, referral specialist, technical support specialist, data analyst and clerical support. 

Standards for Referral Tasks

  1. All requests should be sent through Heath link In-Basket, even if a phone call has been directly made to the Resource Center. **If requesting Late day or same day transportation or cancellations a text paged or phone call is needed, in addition to being tasked via Health Link In Basket.
  2. When tasking in Health Link, all staff use a formal documentation style as you would in the patient’s chart. Each task should state what is expected, date and time frame for completing when appropriate – for example:
    1. Verify benefits and/or verify preferred providers
    2. Which facility or agencies to send referral to. Maximum request at a time to send 3-4.
    3. Whether to include fax attached or print attached documents
    4. Transportation: Type/mode, date and time preferred, to where.
    5. DME needs are to be notes in the “Notes to Provider” field in ECIN or indicate the equipment by using the check boxes if appropriate. Limit SNF options to 3-4 per task – unless you make a special request to widen the search.
  3. The RC will document information in a Progress Note in Heath link as well as respond via In-Basket, that a note has been made. If the In-Basket request is more of a conversation for example, an ECIN referral needs to be resent for any reason, a Progress note will not be made in HL. The note back in the In-basket will indicate, “No Progress note written in HL chart”.
  4. The RC will assume the patient is discharging to their home address as listed in Health Link, unless informed otherwise.
  5. The RC will add a note in the “Referral Comments” area of ECIN, directing the agency to contact the task-sender with questions, or with delivery details for DME referrals.
  6. All medication related prior authorization requests should be directed to the unit pharmacist or Chartwell.
  7. Transportation set-up information (day, time, mode, vendor) will be documented in the Discharge Plan.
  8. The RC will page the task-sender if the task cannot be completed within 2 hours.