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Arranging For Medical Transport

Arranging For Medical Transport - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Coordinated Care


Use the procedure below to arrange for medical transport. 

Medical transport is used to transfer a patient who needs a wheelchair of stretcher due to their medical or functional condition. The primary nurse, with patient input, should assess the method (wheelchair, stretcher, cardiac chair, etc.) required.

  1. Consult with the patient and family to inquire about prior arrangements.
  2. If there is a need to arrange transport:
    • Refer to the transportation list of medical transport agencies.
    • Remember to ask your patient if they have a preference or choice of transportation company.
  3. The drivers are generally not medically trained and typically travel alone.
  4. This form of transportation is generally not covered by private insurance, i.e., Unity, Dean.
  5. Remind the patient that they will be responsible for cost not absorbed by insurance. It is also helpful if you can give the family an estimate of the cost.
  6. Medical Assistance may cover medical transport.
  7. The SMV form must be completed and given to the driver.
  8. Order oxygen as required.