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Security and Electronic Transactions

Security and Electronic Transactions - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Compliance, Privacy, HIPAA


The HIPAA security rules are not final yet. When the final rules are done, they will probably have a deadline of December, 2004. However, UW Health will follow certain security measures ahead of time, so we can better protect patient information. You may hear about these security rules in the near future.

You may learn more about the security rules in the future. Right now, the most important rules for you to learn are the privacy rules. 

Electronic Transactions 

Across the U.S., health organizations send electronic information to each other all the time. The government wants these exchanges to be faster and cheaper, so it created HIPAA's electronic transactions rules. These rules will make UW Health Providers and other health organizations use the same codes, forms, and procedures. These rules should save money for UW Health and other health organizations across the U.S. The only workers affected by these rules are staff in HIS, IS, and billing.