Departments & Programs,UW Hospital and Clinics,Compliance,Code of Conduct/Ethics,Other Ethical Issues

3.06 Teaching, Education and Research

3.06 Teaching, Education and Research - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Compliance, Code of Conduct/Ethics, Other Ethical Issues


  1. UWHC participates in the education of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Madison schools of Medicine and Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy and other health related academic programs. UWHC also maintains postgraduate medical training programs in a variety of specialties and disciplines. Students and trainees work under the supervision of faculty and staff. It is presumed that patients consent to the involvement of students and trainees as part of their care. If a patient has an objection, s/he can discuss this with the attending physician or nurse or other appropriate individuals, such as the patient representative.
  2. UWHC is committed to expanding the frontiers of knowledge through the support of research. UWHC is also committed to ensuring that patients are properly informed about their participation in research. All research studies involving human subjects abide by the UWHC Clinical Research Guidelines and all state and federal regulations.