Departments & Programs,UW Hospital and Clinics,Compliance,Code of Conduct/Ethics,Code of Ethics on Conflicts of Interest

1.06. Reporting and Approval for Outside Activities

1.06. Reporting and Approval for Outside Activities - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Compliance, Code of Conduct/Ethics, Code of Ethics on Conflicts of Interest


  1. Prior to undertaking outside activities, non-represented employees shall obtain written approval from the Vice President level officer responsible for their area. The employee shall request in writing permission of the appropriate director or administrative head of their operational area, who shall forward the request to the applicable Vice President level officer for action. The employee shall describe the nature of the outside activity, the estimated time required, and the estimated duration of the proposed activity and whether remuneration is expected. The CEO may define by policy outside activities that are exempt from this prior approval requirement.
  2. The CEO and all contracting personnel shall annually, on or before April 30, file a report of economic interest with the Secretary. The reports shall be filed on a form approved by the CEO and provided by the Secretary.