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Code of Ethics on Conflicts of Interest

Code of Ethics on Conflicts of Interest - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Compliance, Code of Conduct/Ethics


As adopted by the UWHCA Board of Directors on May 7, 2008 and reapproved February 2014 in satisfaction of §19.45(11)(d), Wis.Stat. 

1.01. Declaration of Policy 

Pursuant to sec. 19.45(11)(d), Wisconsin Statutes, the Board of Directors of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority hereby adopts the following code of ethics for its employees.

  1. Every employee of the Hospital Authority at the time of appointment makes a personal commitment to honesty and integrity. Such a commitment is essential for the Hospital Authority to perform its proper function in our society and to ensure continued confidence of the people of this state in the Hospital Authority and its personnel. It is a violation of this commitment for any employee to seek financial gain for themselves, their immediate families or organizations with which they are associated through activities that conflict with the interests of the Hospital Authority.
  2. The Board, as a matter of policy, recognizes that:
    1. Employees have personal and economic interests in the decisions and policies of national, state and local government.
    2. Employees retain their rights as citizens to interests of a personal and economic nature.
    3. The code of ethics must distinguish between those minor and inconsequential conflicts that are unavoidable in a free society and those conflicts which are substantial and material.
  3. In adopting the standards of conduct set forth in this chapter, it is the Board’s purpose to prohibit only those activities which will result in conflict between the personal interests of employees and the employee’s public responsibilities to the Hospital Authority. It is not the Board’s purpose to prohibit an employee from freely pursuing teaching, research, professional and public service activities which will not result in conflict, nor to prohibit an employee from accepting any compensation, fees, honoraria or reimbursement of expenses which may be offered in connection therewith.