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Clinical Nutrition Services - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics


Clinical Nutrition Services provides nutrition care for patients at University Hospital, American Family Children’s Hospital, and The American Center, and provides ambulatory nutrition education and counseling at more than 80 clinics. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) provide evidence-based nutrition care in several specialty areas for hospitalized and ambulatory patients including critical care, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, digestive health, eating disorders, heart disease, ketogenic diet therapy, kidney stones and kidney disease, neonatal nutrition, oncology, organ transplant, preoperative surgical nutrition, and wound care. Our staff includes many who are nationally recognized for their expertise and leadership within the profession.

The Department of Clinical Nutrition is also home to the UW Health Dietetic Internship Program.  This accredited program combines graduate coursework via partnership with the Capstone Certificate in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  All Department RDNs are preceptors within the program and engage with up to 15 interns annually in the 39-week supervised practice experiences to foster knowledge and skills and prepare them for the National Registration Exam for RDNs, as well as, the future of dietetics.

Services and Activities Performed Include:

  1. Provide basic nutrition services to all inpatients with individualized medical nutrition therapy to patients at nutritional risk or need. Nutrition care includes screening, assessment, care planning, nutrition support, ongoing monitoring and evaluation of intake and progress, nutrition education, and discharge planning.
  2. With specialized training and demonstrated competency, participate in ordering parenteral and enteral nutrition
  3. Assess and educate outpatients referred by healthcare staff on nutrition, diet, and meal planning for chronic disease management, disease prevention, and/or health promotion
  4. Conduct community nutrition education through health fairs, mass media releases, group presentations and classes, and partner with the UW Health Employee Wellness Program
  5. Collaborate with Clinical and Translational Research Core researchers for nutrition related protocols


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