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Tag, You’re It

Tag, You’re It - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Clinical Engineering, RFID Tags


How else will RFID tags be used in the future at UWHC? Central Services is looking for your help in determining just what will be tagged and how they will be used. 

“Please use your imagination, and think about ways the system would really help you if you knew where items were or could find them more quickly. Perhaps there is a way to adapt the system to do what you want to do,” said Scheuer. “I’m hoping people look for out of the box ways to use this system.” 

If you have a need or potential idea for using the RFID system you can submit a Service Request on the Clinical Engineering's department page. Once a service request is submitted Clinical Engineering will review the request. If approved, each tag costs a department or unit around $100.