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Central services is comprised of supply distribution, reprocessing, patient transport, the receiving dock and the mail room.



Does Central Services deliver?

Yes, to the inpatient units only. The following are the Central Services delivery goals:

CS also uses the pneumatic tube system when items fit in the tube. If customers do not wish to wait for their items, they are welcome to come to Central Services (D6/140) to pick them up.

How do I change the size of my scrubs received from the scrub dispensing machines?

Please email scrubs@uwhealth.org or call (608) 263-7071. This information is found on the front of every scrub machine.

How do I follow up on a Central Services order after I have placed it?

You may check on the status of any order from Central Services by calling (608) 263-7071. If you encounter difficulties with the ordering process, please call 263-7071 and ask for the lead worker or supervisor on duty.

How do I gain access to the scrub dispensing machines?

If you are authorized hospital provided scrub clothing, you may gain access to the scrub dispensing machines by completing the scrub clothing request online form.

How do I order mail barcode labels through the mailroom?

The best way to order mail barcode labels through the mailroom is by calling the mailroom directly at (608) 263-7286.

How do I place an order for items from the Central Services inventory?

The most efficient manner in which to place an order for items from CS is to use the CS online catalog and ordering system. If you do not have access to this site, you may place a manual order by submitting a UWH 94 form. The form may be sent to Central Services (mail code 1505), or you may fax it to 265-8450.

I used to be able to look up mail codes through a tool on the Central Services intranet page. How can I find this information now?

Mail codes are included in the U-Connect Directory tool, which can be accessed at the top of every page on the intranet and for bulk mailcode counts you can also use the mail code report.

What address information needs to be on mail that is sent to the Clinical Science Center and outlying facilities?

The following information should be included: 

US Postal Service Mail:

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
UWHC mail code
600 Highland Avenue (or appropriate street address)
Madison, WI 53792 (or appropriate zip code)

Interdepartmental Mail:

UWHC mail code

What can I do with medical/surgical supplies that I can no longer use, but that cannot be returned to the vendor (expired, sterility compromised, older version, etc.)?

CS has a process for the donation of unusable medical/surgical supplies to charitable organizations and individuals traveling abroad. UW Health staff may bring medical/surgical supplies for donation to CS (UWHC room D6/140) at any time. On a first-come, first-served basis, charitable organizations and individuals may retrieve these supplies from CS to be used abroad on medical service or mission trips. Organizations and individuals that take any of these items must provide a letter for the CS file describing their general purpose, specific mission, and in which countries the supplies will be used. Please contact CS (263-0898) with questions.

When is the last pick-up for the express carriers (FedEx, UPS, Airborne, etc.)?

The last pick-up for the express carriers is 6:30pm in room D4/132.



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