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UWHIN Testimonials

UWHIN Testimonials - Departments & Programs, Programs and Initiatives, UW Health Improvement Network (UWHIN), Improvement Stories


“We hear about 'Lean' - but it was never explained. It was nice to get a brief outline to associate current work processes with this idea.”

- Staff member who completed the UWHIN Learning Labs Training, 2013

“UWHIN toolkit is wonderful”

- Staff member who completed the UWHIN Project Teams Training, July 2013

“Opportunity to have structured team consultants/guides through the process was helpful and we benefited from having a UWHIN facilitator assigned to work with our team.”

- Staff member who completed the UWHIN Project Teams Training, July 2013

“I thought it was excellent. It's very inspiring to see the clinical staff so involved and just hearing them use the "Quality" vocabulary with ease is wonderful to hear.”

- Staff member who attended the March Quality Improvement Celebration March 2014

“I feel that it has given me great tools for problem solving. And I love to dig in to find way to improve work flows and be more efficient. “

- Penney McGinnis, Phlebotomist, UW Health Oregon Clinic

““Initially we thought we didn’t have time for this or time to be involved with making improvement.  We all get involved in the team meetings, share our thoughts, and support one another. our team communication has really improved.  We got to know each other on a personal level, instead of a co-worker which has really helped us all to work together”

-  Kari Haddock, MA, East Clinic

“UWHIN has given us the tools to carry our improvement efforts through Implementation at the front line where we are really seeing a difference.”

– Vicki Hill, Director of Radiology Services, who has embarked on 30 improvements projects during the last 20 months, facilitated or supported by UWHIN 

Thomas Schumacher, MPT, Manager, Inpatient Physical Therapy, Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation“UWHIN helped lay out the foundation for our improvement process, helped identify our problem, establish our metrics, did a great job of educating on A3 and other lean processes, kept us on track for timelines, and did a wonderful job of helping put the final product together for our fishbone, A3, poster. They checked in on us throughout the process and were very much involved and supportive. They are the experts for the process. They help generate ideas and keep the work flow going!” 

- Thomas Schumacher, MPT, Manager, Inpatient Physical Therapy, Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, UWHC 

Barb Bergeman, Rad Technologist 2, Yahara Clinic, Primary Care Embedded Coach in Training
“UWHIN was a life saver for me! I was just learning to be a coach as one of the first rounds of embedded coaches in the clinics. There were numerous times that I went to U-Connect and typed in UWHIN toolkit and the magic happened! I used this toolkit numerous times and for numerous reasons. Some examples were to make a run chart or a pie chart. I was thankful for the fact that I only had to enter in the values that the teams had collected and click over to the other tab, and the charts were finished. 
UWHIN was so helpful to me when there were a lot of things that were overwhelming. I also loved that fact that I could simply click on A3, and it would give me examples, guides and instructions on how to fill in the A3 correctly. The benefits of partnering with UWHIN were endless as I worked with the Microsystems teams. I was able to put things together that I never thought were possible as far as pie charts/run charts/A3’s etc. And the help of UWHIN was priceless in that aspect.” 

- Barb Bergeman, Rad Technologist 2, Yahara Clinic, Primary Care Embedded Coach in Training