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We are proud to support and contribute to a more sustainable UW Health and community through energy and water conservation, waste reduction, green transportation, sustainable business standards, site stewardship, and sustainability outreach.

The UW Health Sustainability Program supports and endorses green teams at over 30 locations throughout the organization. We are proud to recognize these teams that participated in our first green team scorecard competition. These teams exemplify commitment to sustainable practices at their locations.

Platinum Tier:

Gold Tier:

Silver Tier:

Interested in using the Green Team Scorecard or starting a green team at your site?


What is a Green Team?

A Green Team is a term used locally and nationally to describe a group of employees who work on sustainability initiatives – in our case, to improve the sustainability of their workplace for our staff, patients, and community. Green Teams are very flexible in their structure; they could be multi-disciplinary, unit-level or department level teams or location-based. They are able to take on any shape or size.

Green Teams bring people together to find new ideas and ways to improve current practices or processes. They are the champions for our sustainability initiatives and encourage environmentally conscious behaviors among colleagues each and every day. Green Teams inspire new ideas and find synergies while helping to increase efficiencies and reduce waste. With the help of Green Teams, it is much easier to engage staff and develop leaders to create a culture of sustainability.

What does a Green Team do?

While the specific function of a Green Team is flexible and can take on different roles in the organization, many teams start out evaluating the current state of their workplace, such as performing trash audits and recycling rounds, working towards initiating break room composting, creating an employee garden, and give-and-take donation events. The ideas and opportunities for Green Teams are endless!

How do I join a Green Team?

Ask around to see if there are any teams established in your area that you can join. If not, create your own by:

  1. Securing upper management support
  2. Establishing roles and responsibilities
  3. Meeting regularly
  4. Identifying potential project ideas
  5. Seeking coaching, guidance, and approval
  6. Implementing, tracking, and measuring progress
  7. Celebrating successes

Where can I get Recycling Labels?

UW Health has custom recycling, clinical recycling, HIPAA confidential and trash labels that can be purchased from Badger Graphics. Use the following Badger Graphics item numbers to purchase these.
Recycle 6x6 label - U001783
Recycle 9x9 label - U001784
Trash 6x6 label - U001786
Trash 9x9 label - U001787
Clinical Recycling 6x6 label - U001780 
Clinical Recycling 9x9 label - U001781
HIPAA Confidential 6x6 label - U001788 
HIPAA Confidential 9x9 label - U001800


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