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Medication Assistance Program (MAP)

Medication Assistance Program (MAP) - Departments & Programs, Programs and Initiatives


UW Health Pharmacy manages the Medication Assistance Program across UW Health. Please follow the instructions below to refer a patient for medication assistance:

Urgent Medication Assistance

Call the Pharmacy at (608) 262-6443 for one-time coverage of medically necessary medications needed within 24 hours. The Medication Assistance Program (MAP) will evaluate the cost of treatment and work with you to provide the most effective and affordable therapy with a goal of less than $100 per request. MAP staff is available between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Routine Medication Assistance

Use the following process to submit a referral to MAP for medications that are NOT needed within 24 hours:

  1. Enter a Re: Patient Message to the MAP pool: “P UWRX MEDICATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (MAP)”
  2. Use subject line “Medication Assistance”
  3. Complete the Smartphrase “.medassistance” in the body of the message

Please call Gina Batterman (Medication Prior Authorization Supervisor) at (608) 345-6518 with any questions or concerns.



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