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Magnet Recognition Program

Magnet Recognition Program - Departments & Programs, Programs and Initiatives

The Magnet Recognition Program was developed to recognize healthcare organizations dedicated to the achieving the highest standards in quality patient care, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation in healthcare and nursing processional practice. The program is administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and awarded to organizations demonstrating excellence.

For further information about Magnet, visit ANCC’S Magnet Recognition Program website.

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Living our Magnet Designation

Magnet Recognition LogoMagnet® designation is the highest and most prestigious credential a health care organization can achieve for nursing excellence and quality patient care. Fewer than 7 percent of all registered hospitals in the United States receive Magnet® designation or re-designation, including only 10 in Wisconsin. In simple terms, Magnet designation is a big deal, especially for patients and families. If you or a loved one needs hospital care, you should seek out a Magnet hospital to ensure that you'll be receiving the best and highest quality care possible. If you're a nurse or other health professional, you should want to practice at a Magnet® hospital.


What is Magnet?

Magnet is an award of excellence. Magnet recognizes organizations for superior nursing processes and quality patient care which leads to the highest levels of safety, quality and patient experience.

Why does Magnet matter?

When looking at what working for a Magnet recognized organization means, there is a lot of evidence around outcomes in Magnet and non-Magnet healthcare environments. Some of the benefits of a Magnet organization as compared to those that are not are:

For healthcare systems... Magnet signifies high quality care to consumers:

For nurses… Professional nurses consider Magnet designation the gold standard:

For patients... Patient outcomes are more favorable in Magnet hospitals:

*ANCC Magnet Website, May 2016

What is an exemplar in the Magnet document?

Magnet defines an exemplar as, “a concept, practice, or program worthy of imitation”

What is a Magnet Champion?

The Unit based Magnet Champion is a key figure in the Magnet Recognition Journey, acting as the front line of support for Magnet questions. Magnet Champions disseminate information;, collaborate with unit, clinic, or department staff; and play a key role in supporting and embedding the principles of Magnet into the Unit/Department’s culture. A primary role of the Magnet Champion is to understand the components of Magnet and how they tie into the Magnet Model. A solid commitment to Magnet principles is fundamental to the success of this role.


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