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Tips to Avoid Conflicts

Tips to Avoid Conflicts - Departments & Programs, Programs and Initiatives, Interactions with Industry


If you have concerns about whether an activity creates a conflict, or how to disclose an activity to your patients - please seek support and advance review from the IIRC.

  1. Structure your consulting activities to occur in ways that do not interfere with your obligations as a UW Healthcare Provider.
  2. Ensure any payments for consulting activities reflect the fair market value for your time spent consulting.
  3. Remember that you may not speak at non-CME events sponsored by Pharmaceutical or Biologics Industry unless the engagement represents a "unique learning opportunity" and you receive ADVANCE approval from the IIRC.
  4. You may speak at non-CME events sponsored by Medical Device Manufacturers. For the time being, these events are treated differently from events sponsored by Pharmaceutical or Biologics companies; please carefully review Section V of the Interactions with Industry Policy if you plan to speak at such events.
  5. If you attend any Industry-sponsored events (educational programs, dinners, etc.) you may not receive any payment or gifts from Industry for your attendance. You must bear responsibility for all of your own food, travel, accommodations or registration expenses.
  6. You may not receive royalty payments for commercial products used at UW Health entities.
  7. Consider how activities look from your patients' perspective. Remember that all interactions with Industry must be disclosed to patients upon request.