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Fast Facts - Departments & Programs, Programs and Initiatives, Interactions with Industry


  1. The effective date of the Policy is January 1, 2010, except for that part of the Policy which deals with pharmaceutical samples in clinics. The sample policy will go in to effect on July 1, 2010 in order to provide adequate transition time from current practice. Applies to all UWMF-employed physicians, nurses, midlevel providers, pharmacists and other health care professionals (referred to here as "UW Healthcare Providers")
  2. "Industry" includes manufacturers and vendors of pharmaceutical, biological, medical device, and medical supply products, and medical testing companies - and their employees, representatives, agents and vendors
  3. Individual gifts may not be accepted from Industry - including food, travel or entertainment, regardless of value - for which payment or services are not provided in return
  4. Educational gifts may be accepted under the oversight of the UWHC Vendor Liaison Office, providing the gifts are made at the Section/Division/Department level
  5. Industry events which are not certified for CME credit may be attended at UW Healthcare provider's own discretion - but no gifts (including meals) may be accepted
  6. UW Healthcare providers may not speak at non-certified for CME events sponsored by Industry except as described for device teaching (exceptions may be sought from IIRC)
  7. UW Healthcare providers may speak at non-certified for CME events for teaching about medical devices
    • Reporting to IIRC required
    • IIRC will review policy after 12 months of experience
  8. Consultation with Industry allowed - including expert consultation, serving on advisory boards, serving on research advisory committees or data safety and monitoring boards for clinical trial
    • Reporting to IIRC within one month of activity for review required
  9. Stock Ownership (exempt from policy) and Corporate Board Membership allowed
    • Reporting to IIRC required
    • Management plan required
  10. Royalties may be received from sales of commercial products
    • Not generated for products used at UW Health entities
    • Disclosure to patients required
    • Management plan required
    • Reporting to IIRC required
  11. Industrial Interactions Review Committee (IIRC)
    • Populated by Faculty and UWMF Board Members: Drs. Ruth Benca, Jeffrey Grossman, Jon Matsumura, Ken Noonan, Pat Turski, Andrew Urban (Committee Chair) and Patricia Brady (Public Member of UWMF Board)
    • Creates procedures to implement policy
    • Creates infrastructure for reporting and for timely response to queries
    • Review body for Industry-related work (i.e. activities, contracts, stock holdings, annual disclosures, management plans, etc.)
    • Reviews or creates management plans for patient interaction
    • Serves as final arbiter of participation in outside activity with Industry
    • Refers non-compliance to UWMF Professional Conduct Committee
  12. Annual disclosure to IIRC of outside relationships with Industry (including CME programs) required
  13. Disclosures of Industry connections must be provided to patients at their request
  14. Access by pharmaceutical, medical testing and other Industry representatives to individual UW Healthcare providers will be permitted only by invitations (from the individual UW Healthcare provider) and is restricted to non-patient care areas. Device or other industry representatives are permitted to be present during patient care interactions if specified conditions are met.
  15. Scholarships, other educational funds, and support for travel from industry must be donated at Division or Department level
  16. Ghostwritten work is prohibited. UW Healthcare providers are responsible for accuracy of content of presentations and slides