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Summer Internships

Summer Internships - Departments & Programs, Programs and Initiatives, Health Occupations and Professions Exploration (HOPE)


Summer internships allow underrepresented high school students to work in clinical or non-clinical areas alongside UW Health staff in career areas that are of interest to them. Summer internships provide an essential experiential learning experience for students hoping to pursue careers in health care. Summer internships also aid UW Health by building a more diverse workforce and organizational cultural competency.


All summer interns will have completed a session of HOPE prior to the start of their internship. For summer interns who do not have the opportunity to complete a session of HOPE during the school year, a special session is offered just prior to the start of the internship. Interns will then be placed with a UW Health department that matches the areas of interest they discovered during their HOPE session.

The placement of summer interns in UW Health facilities will also be subject to the age requirements outlined in the UW Health Observer Policy.

Internship hours and duration may vary, depending on the organization the intern is affiliated with. Interns will complete the UW Health onboarding process, which includes a health assessment, compliance training and a new employee orientation session designed for summer interns.

Interns are assigned learning objectives and job duties specific to their internship site. Interns check in regularly with the UW Health Career Pathways and Internship Coordinator, who oversees the internship experience and aids in communicating with both the student and the hosting department manager or director.

UW Health currently works with the following organizations to offer summer internship opportunities to students:

In Your Department

HOPE and Summer Internship Program staff are in need of departments in all areas of the organization to offer summer internship placement availability. Hosting a summer intern is an experience which can make a very positive impact on the life of an underrepresented young person. In addition, hosting a summer intern has a positive impact on department staff by building their level of cultural awareness and sensitivity. Hosting summer interns also contributes to the development of organizational cultural competency at UW Health.

Not all departments willing to host a summer intern will have an intern matched to their department in a given year. Intern placement is determined based on many factors, including, student career interest, age or other restrictions, based on specific departmental work and intern schedules. Department interest and willingness to host an intern, regardless of whether an intern is placed in the department, is valued and appreciated. If your department is willing to host an intern, please fill out this form. HOPE and Internship staff will follow up on all applications and notify departments of intern placement no later than June 1 of each year.

Application to Host Summer Intern