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Preceptorships and Student Guidelines

Preceptorships and Student Guidelines - Departments & Programs, Programs and Initiatives, Advanced Practice Provider Resources, Education


If you are interested in observing or job shadowing with an APP or have been asked to be shadowed, please refer to Observer Process (Non-Physicians) page or contact the Vendor Liaison Office at (608) 890-8505.

APP Preceptorships

Looking for an opportunity to share your knowledge, skills and expertise with APP students?

Being a preceptor to APP students or new graduates is a great way to share your clinical expertise, provide a high quality clinical experience and in many cases help create an opportunity for employment for these individuals. Our professional students, local university, surrounding colleges and patients need our help in educating the next generation of APPs.

Benefits to you

If interested in being a preceptor, please complete this survey or contact the Office of Advanced Practice Providers at (608) 828-8542.

Student Guidelines

I’m an employee of UW Health but I’m not a UW SON student, is there anything specific I need to do to request a UW preceptor?

UW Health uses myClinicalExchange to receive NP, PA, and CNM student placement requests, assign preceptors, and onboard students. In order to be considered for a student placement, we ask that the school contact myClinicalExchange by emailing support@myclinicalexchange.com. The myClinicalExchange team will work with your school to set up their program configurations to request your student placement at UW Health.

I’m an employee attending a PA program through a non-UW school, can I still request a UW preceptor?At this time we are not accepting PA program students outside of the UW-Madison system.


I would like to take a student or have already accepted a student this semester. Is there anything I need to do before the student arrives for their rotation?

There is a process for assuring that the student has the appropriate permissions and access for their clinical experience at UW Health. This process allows us to confirm affiliation agreements, background checks, health immunization and HIPPA requirements, security, ID badge and establish Health Link access for our learners. This process also helps to protect the student, preceptor, organization, and most importantly, our patients.