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UW Health Advanced Practice Providers Department Onboarding Toolkit

UW Health Advanced Practice Providers Department Onboarding Toolkit - Departments & Programs, Programs and Initiatives, Advanced Practice Provider Resources, Administrative


In addition to UW Health Employee Orientation and APP Orientation, it is expected all new or transitioning NP/PA/CNMs receive department orientation and training appropriate for their clinical role. Poor onboarding and orientation can contribute to employee dissatisfaction, unclear expectations, and high turnover resulting in additional costs and team stress.

Key turnover drivers can be the individual feeling they weren’t a good fit for the role, not having a strong connection to their manager and team, or believing they were underperforming from lack of expectations and feedback. This toolkit was designed to aid departments in customizing an APP-specific department orientation program, competencies and routine check-ins to assist new and transitioning employees with assimilating into their role and departments.

Roles and Responsibilities for Onboarding

This onboarding toolkit will provide resources for APP Supervisors, Department/Division Administrators/Clinic Managers, Clinical Preceptors and other mentors to refer to when onboarding new APPs. Hiring managers should also reference the UW Health New or Transitioning Provider Checklist for tasks and processes that must be completed before a new or transitioning provider begins and within 2 weeks of start date.

The following APP onboarding tools can be modified and adapted for the department and role. The Onboarding Toolkit Overview for APP Hiring Managers provides an overview of the tools available.

APP Onboarding Toolkit

APP Department Clinical Orientation Template (Excel Template, PDF)

Welcome Letter to New APP with Orientation Materials (Word Template, Email Outlook Template)


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