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Summer Internships

Summer Internships - Departments & Programs, Programs and Initiatives, Allied Health Education and Career Pathways


Community Partners and Organizations

  • Boys and Girls Club of Dane County
  • Centro Hispano
  • Project SEARCH
  • Middle College - Wisconsin Workforce Development Board
  • Madison Metropolitan School District
  • UW Madison’s PEOPLE Program
  • Urban League of Greater Madison
  • UW-Madison - Information Technology Academy

UW Health’s funded internships began in 2007 in partnership with the college level internship program INROADS. Since 2007, UW Health has partnered with various community organizations to support more interns at both the college and high school levels. Over the last three summers UW Health’s summer intern participation has grown immensely from four to over 60 in 2016.

Watch the Summer Internship Overview presentation

Summer internships allow underrepresented high school students to work in clinical or non-clinical areas alongside UW Health staff in career areas that are of interest to them. Summer internships provide an essential experiential learning experience for students hoping to pursue careers in health care. Summer internships also help UW Heath build a more diverse workforce and organizational cultural competency. 


The goals of the summer internship are to:


Internship opportunities provide many benefits to UW Health departments and the broader community:


Student interns range in age from 14-24 (9th grade to college level) and are affiliated with community-based programs that primarily serve underrepresented populations. All of the community organizations we work with are strategic partners that provide increased access to UW Health for underrepresented populations. 

Internship hours and duration may vary, depending on the organization the intern is affiliated with. Interns are assigned learning objectives and job duties specific to their internship site. 


Managers of interns are there to provide them with daily tasks and observation experiences. Because many of the interns are high school students, they need direction as to what tasks to complete and who to work with during the day. Managers and staff play a critical role in the intern’s experience, and serve as a daily resource and guide.

If you are hosting an intern, here are some tips and information to assist you in this role:

The Career Pathways staff is here to support you and be a resource as you host an intern.  The role of the career pathways coordinators include:


Career Pathways is always seeking internship placements in all areas of the organization. Hosting a summer intern allows you to make a positive impact on the next generation of health care professionals. In addition, hosting a summer intern has a positive impact on individual, departmental and organizational work culture that contributes to an inclusive UW Health work environmental for all.

Intern placements are based on many factors that include student career interest, age or other restrictions, as well as departmental and intern schedules. Departments that have offered to host an intern may not receive one depending upon these considerations; however your willingness to be a host is still greatly valued and appreciated.

If your department is willing to host an intern, complete the Request For Summer Intern form. Career Pathways staff will follow up on all applications and notify departments of intern placements no later than June 1 of each year. 


UW Health Non-Physician Observer Policy (this policy is used by UWHC, UWMF)