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Become a Career Coach

Become a Career Coach - Departments & Programs, Programs and Initiatives, Allied Health Education and Career Pathways


The opportunity for UW Health employees to become a career coach is made possible through UW Health’s partnership with Inspire Wisconsin. Inspire Wisconsin makes Career Cruising software available to most middle and high school-aged children attending schools in Wisconsin, which helps students map their way to various careers in any industry.  


Career Coaches are responsible to correspond via email with a middle or high school student who has questions about the career in which the coach works. Career Coaches answer questions about their education and work experience, as well as describe daily duties and schedules in their career. Career Coaches are expected to respond to student communications within 48 hours of each inquiry.

In order to be a Career Coach, the following criteria must be met:

UW Health is currently seeking Career Coaches in the following list of careers.