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There are multiple ways to get involved in Career Pathways programs and services.  If you’d like to volunteer, select the appropriate link below.

The Allied Health Education and Career Pathways department was established in January 2016. The purpose of the department is to proactively address projected workforce shortages, centralize allied health education efforts, build internal and external pathways for specific allied careers, and build a more diverse UW Health workforce through strategic partnerships.

The Career Pathways Department will serve as a resource for external students and internal UW Health staff through a variety of programs and services.


If you would like to support HOPE, but do not have time to volunteer, you may make a donation through the UW Foundation. Use this form to set up a payroll deduction.

Donations to HOPE, via UW Foundation, are fully tax-deductible, and aid the program in purchasing t-shirts, food, transportation and printed materials for high school students whose families demonstrate socioeconomic need.  Donations also make it possible for HOPE to offer sessions to other community organizations who serve underrepresented populations.



How can I find out what current employment opportunities are available?

To learn more about current job openings and transfer opportunities visit the Job Openings and Transfers (UWHC) page.

Where can I find more information regarding training programs or educational opportunities available to employees?

Visit Allied Health Education and Training to view the listing of training and education programs that currently exist. As you review, note the requirements and qualifications are specific to each program and are administered by different UW Health departments and programs. 

School at Work is also an opportunity for individuals to gain additional assistance and education to further their professional development. Visit the School at Work page for more information and program criteria.

To learn more about education and training required for over 50 different healthcare careers, visit the Allied Health Career Posters for more information.

Is there any financial assistance available to me as an employee to continue my education?

To learn more about UW Health’s education assistance resources, visit the Tuition Reimbursement Program.

UWHC Tuition Reimbursement Policy
UWMF Tuition Reimbursement Policy

Please note that AHECP has no oversight to influence your ability to secure tuition reimbursement or other financial support for college. All decisions regarding tuition reimbursement are made in accordance with UW Hospitals and Clinics and UW Medical Foundation’s current tuition reimbursement policies, and must be approved by an employee’s manager or director.

Where can I get more information on how to advance in my current field?

For more about the variety of healthcare careers including the required education and training visit the Career Exploration Resource page to learn more.

I would like assistance with my job application and resume to apply for another position within UW Health. 

Learning and Development currently offers two courses, CEO of Your Career Part 1 and CEO of Your Career Part 2. These careers cover resources and tips to develop professionally. Please review the L&D Course Catalog for more information and to see other course offerings.

You may also go to the Interview and Resume Tips links for more information.

I am an employee having difficulty with my co-workers. Is this something that AHECP can help me with?

If you are currently experiencing a challenging work environment, please contact Human Resources at 608-263-6500, and if necessary, they will direct you to the appropriate Employee Relations Consultant.

I would like to work on professional development. What resources are available?

The Learning & Development department offers a wide variety of courses that are available to UW Health employees for professional development.

How can I get involved?

There are multiple ways to get involved in Career Pathways programs and services. If you’d like to volunteer, select the appropriate link below.

How can I host an internship?

If your department would like to host an intern, click below and complete the form. 

How can I host a job shadowing experience?

Job shadowing is a great opportunity for UW Health staff to showcase their career and support career exploration efforts to attract new employees to this area. Job shadowing is also a great way for an individual to determine if a particular career is a good fit. 

If you would like to host a job shadowing experience, or request a job shadowing experience, please email careerpathways@uwhealth.org

What is HOPE?

HOPE (Health Occupation and Profession Exploration) is a career pathways program designed to aid under-represented students in exploring careers in health care. The sessions are one-day events that take place on Saturdays during the school year. During HOPE, high school students are paired with a college mentor that encourages and guides the student as they research heath career and post-secondary education opportunities. Students and their mentors explore over 40 health care career choices through various interactive activities and conclude the session by mapping their way into a career that interested them the most.

What are the HOPE session dates?

HOPE sessions are typically held on Saturdays in November and March each year.

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Who is eligible to participate in a HOPE session?

Those eligible to participate in HOPE sessions include high school students from the following high schools:

And the following community partners and organizations:

College students are also eligible to participate to serve as student mentors during the HOPE session. 

How an I participate in a HOPE panel?

AHECP continuously recruits UW Health professionals to serve on panels to showcase various health care careers to prospective students and professionals. If you would like to volunteer and be added to our roster, please email your information to: careerpathways@uwhealth.org

Who do I contact if I have a question?

General inquires can be emailed to: careerpathways@uwhealth.org


Forms and Requests

Career Pathways Request Intake Form

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Health Career Posters

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Observer Process (Non-Physicians)

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