Apr 5, 2015




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Enterovirus D68

Enterovirus D68 (RMISC) WSLH Lab Test

Name: Enterovirus D68

Test Name: Enterovirus D68

Health Link Test Code: RMISC

LIS Test Code: MISC

Testing Site: Testing will be sent to an approved reference laboratory

Collection Instructions:

All testing must be preapproved by Wisconsin Public Health. 

1) All requests for EV-D68 must be approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Health (WDPH) before WSLH will perform testing. 
2) BEFORE COLLECTION of specimen(s) in suspected case of EV-D68, ordering source must contact WDPH at (608) 267-9003. After hours call (608)258-0099 (WDPH answering service) and ask for the Communicable Disease Person On Call. 
3) Once approved, WDPH will contact UWHC Infection Control at UWHC paging (608) 265-7000, pager number 2570 and the UWHC Clinical Labs (608) 263-7060. 
4) UWHC lab will inform WSLH a specimen will be submitted. 

Specimen: UTM Nasopharyngeal flocked swab (CS item #4010148) or Combined UTM nasopharyngeal Oropharyngeal flocked swab (CS item #4010148). 

Refer to Clinical Laboratories September 2014 Test Announcement Enterovirus D68 found on Uconnect for additional details and testing workflow.