Jan 5, 2017




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Zika Virus, PCR, Urine

Zika Virus, PCR, Urine (ZIKAPCR) WSLH Lab Test

Name: Zika Virus, PCR, Urine

Test Name: Zika Virus, PCR, Urine

Health Link Test Code: ZIKAPCR


Testing Site: Testing will be sent to an approved reference laboratory

Patient Preparation:

1) All requests for Zika Virus, PCR must be approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Health (WDPH) before submitting specimens to WSLH.

2) BEFORE COLLECTION of specimen(s), ordering provider must contact WDPH at (608) 267-9003.  The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) is now able to perform testing upon approval by the WDPH.

3) Once approved, WDPH will fax approval form to the ordering provider.

4) Ordering provider will place orders in Healthlink.

5) Give patient a copy of the approval form and send them to have their blood collected.

6) Approval form must be presented at the time of collection and accompany blood to the UWHC lab.

7) Contact ordering provider if patient presents without the approval form.

8) UWHC lab will inform WSLH a specimen will be submitted. 

Specimen: Urine

Collection Container: Sterile container

Testing Volume: 1 mL