Mar 6, 2017




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Sweat, Chloride

Sweat, Chloride (HCSWET) Toxicology Lab Test

Name: Sweat, Chloride

Test Name: Sweat, Chloride

Health Link Test Code: HCSWET

LIS Test Code: SWET

CPT Code(s): 89230, 82438

Methodology: Titration

Days Performed: By appointment only. Call 262-0340 to schedule procedure.

Specimen: Sweat collected by pilocarpine iontophoresis


For all individuals regardless of age:

            ≤29 mmol/L = cystic fibrosis is unlikely

            30-59 mmol/L = intermediate

            ≥60 mmol/L= indicative of cystic fibrosis

NOTE:Sweat chloride values less than 30 mmol/L have been documented in genetically proven CF patients. Clinical correlation is necessary.

Interpretation Type: Reference Interval