Dec 18, 2017




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Frozen Section

Frozen Section (HCPATHS) Surgical Pathology/Autopsy Lab Test

Name: Frozen Section

Test Name: Frozen Section

Health Link Test Code: HCPATHS

LIS Test Code: AP5

CPT Code(s): 88331

Days Performed: Daily, 24 hours.

Specimen: Tissue

Collection Container: Sterile screw cap container

Collection Instructions:

Tissue Exam Request Form UWH #33 may be used to request this test or use Health Link Op Time printout. 

All tissue examination requests must include OR room and telephone number. Exact specimen site, clinical diagnosis and question to be addressed on frozen section must be indicated

Outreach Specimen Processing:

The UWHC Surgical Pathology Department needs to be notified of the fresh tissue at (608)263-6242. The type of tissue, collect time, and estimated time of arrival needs to be given to surgical pathology staff.

Place tissue in suitable-sized sterile specimen container and cover in saline. Submit specimen with request to UWHC Hospital Laboratory. 

Specimen Transport:

Specimen should be immediately transported fresh, with no fixative or saline. Within UWHC send via pneumatic tube to station 501 or 185 (if inpatient OR). Always call ahead 263-6242 to notify staff that a frozen section is coming. Specimens too large to tube may be hand delivered to UWHC Surgical Pathology Specimen Receiving. It is the responsibility of the person delivering the specimen to speak directly to Surgical Pathology staff and notify them that a frozen section is requested on the sample.


Requests for frozen sections outside routine laboratory hours (Mon - Friday 0730 - 1900) will require that the on-call pathologist be notified. The Pathology resident on call should be paged first and they will contact the staff pathologist. The call list is available in the OR call schedule book, the UWHC message center, or online at the Web Paging link.

Unacceptable Criteria:

Formalin fixed tissue or improper or discrepant labeling


During normal laboratory hours the interpretation should be available within 20 minutes of specimen receipt. Exceptions may occur if orientation and dissection of a large specimen is necessary, or if multiple specimens are submitted at one time.