Apr 3, 2015




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Lactate/Pyruvate Studies

Lactate/Pyruvate Studies (HCLPS) Ref Lab- Miscellaneous Lab Test

Name: Lactate/Pyruvate Studies

Test Name: Lactate/Pyruvate Studies

Health Link Test Code: HCLPS

LIS Test Code: LPS

CPT Code(s): 84379, 83918, 82139, 82543

Testing Site: Testing will be sent to an approved reference laboratory

Specimen: Blood

Collection Container: Red top

Also Acceptable: Lavender top

Collection Volume: 4 mL

Pediatric Collection Volume: 1 mL

Stability Ambient:

Not acceptable

Stability Refridgerated:

Not acceptable

Stability Frozen:


Sample Analyzed: Serum

Testing Volume: 1 mL

Pediatric Testing Volume: 0.4 mL

Outreach Specimen Processing:

Transport frozen specimen to UWHC Hospital Laboratory on dry ice.

Specimen Transport:

Transport specimen to laboratory immediately.