Dec 18, 2017




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Dermatopathology Consult

Dermatopathology Consult (HCPATHE) Pathology- Miscellaneous Lab Test

Name: Dermatopathology Consult

Test Name: Dermatopathology Consult

Health Link Test Code: HCPATHE

LIS Test Code: AP9

CPT Code(s): 88321

Days Performed: Mon-Fri, 0700-1900.

In-Lab Turnaround Time: 1 - 2 days.

Collection Container: Sterile screw cap container with 10% buffered formalin (10:1 ratio, formalin to tissue)

Specimen Processing:

Material for review should be delivered to UWHC Dermatopathology Lab Office (West Clinic, 451 Junction Road, Room G200- Madison WI, 53717). Requests should be accompanied by a completed UWHC Dermatopathology Consultation Request form and the original pathology report from the outside institution.

Specimen Transport:

Deliver outside slides with appropriate paperwork to UWHC Dermatopathology Lab (West Clinic, 451 Junction Road, Room G200- Madison WI, 53717).


The UWHC Dermatopathology Lab provides slide consultation for UW Health clinical staff as well as any outside clinician or pathologist.

Test Limitations:

Cases requiring additional special stains or immunohistochemical staining will have an increased turnaround time.