Aug 14, 2017




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Occult Blood (Immunoassay), Diagnostic, Stool

Occult Blood (Immunoassay), Diagnostic, Stool (IFOBTM) KITS Lab Test

Name: Occult Blood (Immunoassay), Diagnostic, Stool

Test Name: Occult Blood (Immunoassay), Diagnostic, Stool

Health Link Test Code: IFOBTM

LIS Test Code: IFOBD

CPT Code(s): 82274

Methodology: Immunoassay

Days Performed: Daily, 24 hours.

In-Lab Turnaround Time: 4 hours.

Specimen: Stool

Collection Container: Polymedco iFOB Complete Collection Tube

Collection Instructions:

Unscrew the top of the sample collection tube and remove the sample probe. Scrape the surface of the fecal sample with the sample probe. Cover the grooved portion of the sample probe completely with the stool sample. Replace the sample probe in the tube and tighten securely.

Stability Ambient:

15 days after sample placed in tube

Stability Refridgerated:

1 months after sample placed in tube

Sample Analyzed: Stool

Specimen Transport:

Transport specimen to the laboratory.

Unacceptable Criteria:

Stool sample not received in Polymedco OC iFOB collection tube is not acceptable.


Negative:  Less than 50 ng/mL human hemoglobin

Positive:  Greater than or equal to 50 ng/mL human hemoglobin

Interpretation Type: Interpretive Guidelines

Test Limitations:

Patients with urinary, menstrual, constipation or hemorrhoid bleeding should not be considered for this test. These patients may be considered for this test once such bleeding ceases.

As with any occult blood test, results obtained with the OC Light S-Fit iFOBT should not be considered conclusive evidence of the presence or absence of G.I. bleeding or pathology. OC Light S-Fit iFOBT is designed for preliminary screening. It is not intended to replace other diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy in combination with double contrast barium x-ray.

Urine and excessive dilution of samples with water from the toilet bowl may cause erroneous test results. For best results, use the collection paper in the collection kit.

OC Light S-Fit iFOBT is not for use in testing urine, gastric specimens or other body fluids.