Mar 29, 2016




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Occult Blood, Gastric

Occult Blood, Gastric (HCGASTRO) KITS Lab Test

Name: Occult Blood, Gastric

Test Name: Occult Blood, Gastric

Health Link Test Code: HCGASTRO


CPT Code(s): 82271

Methodology: Gastroccult Slide Kit

Clinical Information:

Gastroccult is a rapid screening test for detecting occult blood in vomitus and gastric aspirates.

Days Performed: Daily, 24 hours.

In-Lab Turnaround Time: 4 hours.

Stat In-Lab Turnaround Time: 1 hour.

Specimen: Vomitus or gastric aspirate

Collection Container: Gastroccult Kit

Collection Instructions:

Apply one drop of vomitus or gastric aspirate to gastroccult blood test area. DO NOT apply sample to the Performance Monitor Area of the card.

Stability Ambient:

4 days

Stability Refridgerated:

Not acceptable

Stability Frozen:

Not acceptable

Sample Analyzed: Vomitus or gastric aspirate

Specimen Transport:

It is recommended that samples be applied to slide immediately after collection. Gastroccult slide may be developed up to 4 days after sample application. Store at room temperature. Transport slide to UWHC Hospital Laboratory.

Unacceptable Criteria:

Sample not received on Gastroccult slide is not acceptable. If sample is applied to the Performance Monitor Area of the card, slide is not acceptable.



Interpretation Type: Expected Results

Test Limitations:

The laboratory does not report the pH from the gastroccult slide.

Additional Information:

Gastroccult testing is a screening procedure and cannot be considered conclusive evidence of the presence or absence of GI bleeding. Test results should be used in conjunction with other information relevant to the clinical status of the patient.