Apr 2, 2015




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CBC without Differential

CBC without Differential (HEMO) Hematology Lab Test

Name: CBC without Differential

Test Name: CBC without Differential

Health Link Test Code: HEMO

LIS Test Code: HS

CPT Code(s): 85027

Test Component:

White blood cell count, red blood cell count, hemoglobin, hematocrit, MCV, MCHC, RDW CV, RDW SD, and platelet.

Days Performed: Daily, 24 hours.

In-Lab Turnaround Time: 4 hours.

Stat In-Lab Turnaround Time: 1 hour.

Specimen: Blood

Collection Container: K3EDTA-Lavender top

Also Acceptable: K2EDTA-Lavender top, Pink top tube

Collection Volume: 4 mL

Pediatric Collection Volume: 1 mL

Stability Ambient:

HCT, MCV, RDW CV, RDW SD, MCHC - 8 hours.

WBC, RBC, Hgb, Platelet - 24 hr

Stability Refridgerated:

Not acceptable

Stability Frozen:

Not acceptable

Sample Analyzed: Whole Blood

Testing Volume: 1 mL

Pediatric Testing Volume: 0.25 mL in microtainer

Specimen Transport:

Transport specimen to the laboratory at ambient temperature.

Unacceptable Criteria:

Clotted specimens are not acceptable. Tubes with <25% of fill volume.


For reference interval information, see individual tests.


RDW CV reference interval:  
   Age %
   0 days-29 days 11.5-18.0
   30 days-23 months 10.0-16.0
   2-9 years 10.0-15.0
   10-17 years 10.0-14.0
   18 years and up 11.7-14.7
RDW SD reference interval:  
   18 years and up 36.0-46.0 fL
MCV reference interval:  
   Age fL
   0 days-29 days 102-115
   30 days-5 months 74-115
   6 months-23 months 72-88
   2 -9 years 76-90
   10-17 years 78-95
   18 years and up 80-97
MCHC reference interval:  
   0 days and up 32-36 g/fL

Interpretation Type: Reference Interval

Critical Calls: yes