Jul 6, 2016




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Eosinophil Smear, Urine

Eosinophil Smear, Urine (HCSMEO) Hematology Lab Test

Name: Eosinophil Smear, Urine

Test Name: Eosinophil Smear, Urine

Health Link Test Code: HCSMEO

LIS Test Code: SMEO

CPT Code(s): 85032

Methodology: Wright's Stained Cytospin/Manual Microscopy

Days Performed: Daily, 24 hours.

In-Lab Turnaround Time: 4 hours.

Stat In-Lab Turnaround Time: Not available stat.

Specimen: Urine

Collection Container: Sterile screw cap container

Collection Instructions:

Urine specimens must be less than 2 hours old.

Collection Volume: 10 mL

Pediatric Collection Volume: 4 mL

Stability Ambient:

2 hours

Stability Refridgerated:

2 hours

Specimen Transport:

Transport specimen to UWHC Hospital Laboratory within 2 hours of collection. Transport with coolant pack if coming from clinic location.


Urine Specimens: 0-4 %

Interpretation Type: Reference Interval